Facts about Hair Fibers

Hair fibers are designed to make your hair look thick and beautiful, in a noninvasive, simple and cost-effective way. Hair fibers are made up of natural keratin protein fibers, a protein that is found in real hair. They are really easy to use — after washing, drying and styling your hair, you shake them onto areas of thinning hair, gently pat the fibers into place and spray with hair spray for a longer lasting hold. Hair fibers wash out with any shampoo and can be reapplied the next day.

Hair fibers have a natural magnetic charge that makes them static cling to your real hair, resulting in a fuller looking, lush head of hair. They work for men and women, and for all hair types. Hair fibers work best for people with thinning hair as the fibers need something to cling to. They’re available in a variety of hair colors allowing you to find your perfect match. With no down time and no risk, hair fibers are a simple, straightforward solution to thinning hair.


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