Hair Building Fibers | The Beginner's Guide

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What are Hair Fibers?

Chances are, if you’ve been in a barbershop, you’ve either had hair building fibers used on your hair, or seen them used on somebody else.

These hair building fibers are (depending on the brand) usually made of keratin, the same protein that makes up your existing hair!

Hair building fibers can be used by anybody experiencing thinning hair, or somebody who has naturally thin hair. 

They can also be used by people who have patchy beards, making them quite a versatile addition to your bathroom cabinet!

How do Hair Building Fibers work?

The hair building fibers in products like Strand Builder statically cling to your existing hair to make hair appear fuller & thicker. 

By picking a color that most closely matches your own hair, you can ensure that the hair fibers you choose will effortlessly blend into your existing hair to make it look like you’re not even wearing them.

We recommend applying hair building fibers to dry hair that has been prepped with Fiber Hold Spray.

The Fiber Hold Spray increases the bond between the hair fibers and your natural hair, meaning the hair fibers will last much longer as well as looking more natural.

Once you’re happy with how the fibers look, you should use some of the Fiber Hold Spray again to lock those fibers in.

Strand Builder’s Fiber Hold Spray is low-shine, so using it before and after application of hair fibers won’t make your hair look greasy.

Hair Fiber Accessories

When you purchase Hair Fibers online, there are quite a few accessories that come with them that can ensure you’ll get the best possible results. 

Most hair fibers are also sold with these accessories in an Intro Kit style box that gives the buyer everything they need right away.

Fiber Hold Spray

As previously mentioned, Fiber Hold Spray is a type of hair spray that is applied before and after the hair building fibers.

The spray preps the area for the fibers and then locks them in.

This makes the hair fibers look more natural, as well as longer lasting results.

Fiber Spray Applicator

Until the Fiber Spray Applicator came around, you used to have to shake the fibers onto your head directly from the bottle.

The Fiber Spray Applicator allows precision application of hair fibers, meaning you can target specific spots of your head that need them the most.

It also gives you more control with the fibers in hard to reach areas like on the back of the head or the crown.

This helps when you don’t have anybody to assist you in applying hair fibers.

Hairline Optimizer

The Hairline Optimizer is a tool that keeps hairlines looking natural during the application of hair building fibers.

It helps guide the spray into thinning areas along the hairline. This is to ensure a natural look so the hair building fibers stay undetectable, like they are in the other areas of your head.

How to Use Hair Building Fibers

If you have access to all of the accessories above, you’ll have an easy time applying hair fibers to your head.

Below we’ll walk you through the steps!

  1. Spray the areas you want to target with Fiber Hold Spray
  2. Apply hair fibers to thinning areas of your head
  3. Use the Hairline Optimizer to ensure a natural look at the hairline
  4. Lock hair fibers into place with the Fiber Hold Spray

Below we’ve designed a handy infographic for you to print/save and use, too!

how to use hair fibers

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Hair Fiber Transformations

The all important part is whether it works, right?!

Below we’ve added some before and after images of men and women who have had great success using Strand Builder for their hair building fibers.

If you are interested in purchasing some hair building fibers, click here!


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