Hair Styles for Women in 2020 | 6 Hair Trends to Try in the New Year

In 2020, natural textures and low-maintenance hairstyles were trending. This was in part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused many salons to close and made it difficult for people to maintain their usual hair routines.

"Lob," or Long bob

One popular style was the "lob," or long bob, which is a shorter version of the classic bob cut. The lob is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn straight or wavy, and it works well for people with all hair types.


Another trend was the "shag," a layered haircut that is easy to style and gives a messy, textured look. This style was also versatile, as it could be worn with bangs or without, and could be dressed up or down.


Braids were also popular in 2020, and many people experimented with different types of braids, such as French braids, Dutch braids, and fishtail braids. Box braids, which are braids with a square or rectangular shape, were particularly trendy among African American communities.

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People also started embracing natural curls, texture, Hair Building Fibers and which has been a big change.

"Micro-bangs" and "Fringe"

Additionally, The "Micro-bangs" and "Fringe" which features very short bangs that barely cover the forehead was a big hit in 2020, especially for people with round faces, as it can help to elongate the face.

Lastly, During 2020 many people were concerned about their health & safety and opting for hair styles which are easy to maintain and don't required frequent salon visits, So, low maintenance hairstyles such as pixie cuts and buzz cuts were also popular.

In conclusion, 2020 was a year of natural textures, low-maintenance hairstyles, and self-expression through hairstyles. With more people working from home, there were more opportunities to experiment with different hairstyles, and people took advantage of that to find hairstyles that suited them.

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