Hair Styles for Women in 2023 | 6 Hair Trends to Try in the New Year

2022 has had its up and (mostly) downs, but going into the New Year and onward, we want to get you excited for all of the different hair styles you can try!

Whether you use Hair Building Fibers or not, all of the hairstyles in this blog are achievable with help from your stylist, or if you're feeling brave, you can do them yourself!

Short Hair Styles

Short Bob Haircuts

The Short Bob Haircut is a CLASSIC, so why not take it with us into 2022? This is one of those haircuts that you're able to pull off with any color or hair type, meaning it's at the very top of our versatility list.

The short bob, in reality, doesn't even really have to be that short (see below). If your stylist cuts your bob short at your appointment, the style still works as it starts to grow out, meaning you can leave it as it grows past your ears and down to your neck line.

Whether you still call it a bob by then is up to you, but we think you'd rock it regardless.

short bob haircut - HAIR STYLES

Short Hair with Bangs

Bangs are all encompassing. You can have short hair with bangs, long hair with bangs, curly hair with bangs. Basically any kind of hair will pair well with bangs, which is why it lands a spot on our list!

Our favorite type of bangs are the "Blunt Bangs," that fall just above or cover the eyebrows and run straight across the forehead (think Shailene Woodley from Big Little Lies).

It's probably best if you don't cut your own bangs in the mirror. We've all seen the videos. The last thing you need in the New Year is an emergency trip to the salon!


Pixie Cut

 Another versatile short hair cut is the Pixie Cut or Pixie Crop.

It can be anywhere from the shortest of short to about 3-4 inches in length, meaning you can really have some fun with it.

You also have the opportunity to shave or cut short one of the sides and the back too to create a more modern look while leaving it longer on the top.

One of the perks of a Pixie Cut outside of looks is that it's so easy to maintain and is a great look for almost anybody that wants to go short for the first time.

keratin fibers

Long Hair Styles

Natural Curly Hair

Anybody with natural curly hair knows that it can take more work to really tame the mane, but the style looks incredible when you're done!

Each person will have their own method and regiment with a chosen set of products, but once you find what works for you, the natural curls will turn heads.

Many people follow the Curly Girl Method to get the most out of their hair, while others have found their own trickery to get their curls exactly how they want them.

Curtain Bangs

The ultimate hair style for a mixture of modern and retro is curtain bangs. This style is truly timeless, which is why 2022 is the perfect time to add it to your repertoire.

Your hair can be straight, curly or anywhere in between to pull this one off, which really means all you need to do is open those curtains and head out on the town!


2021 was the year of the cancellations, but we might all be able to get back to weddings in 2022, and what better place than a wedding to sport an Updo?

There are so many different types of Updo's that it's hard to just pick one photo, but a quick internet search will give you hundreds to choose from to take to your stylist!

This style is also versatile, given that you can let the bottom of your hair down and leave it casual, or pull the entire thing up if you're attending a more formal event or (fingers crossed) you're in the wedding!

All of these hair styles can be enhanced with Hair Building Fibers if your hair is thinning in certain areas.

The fibers will attach themselves to the existing hair on your hear to create a fuller, thicker look, meaning you'll be able to rock any one of these looks whenever you feel like it!

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