Men's Haircuts for 2023 | 6 Men's Hair Styles to Try in the New Year


2022 has had its up and (mostly) downs, but going into the New Year and onward, we want to get you excited for all of the different hair styles you can try!

Getting creative with your hair is always fun, especially if you're trying to transform your look. Different hair styles work with different face shapes and facial hair choices too, so this guide should help if you're struggling to find a style to fit you.

Whether you use Hair Building Fibers or not, all of the hair styles in this blog are achievable with help from your stylist, or if you're feeling brave, you can do them yourself!

Short Men's Hair Cuts

Bald Fade w/ Beard

There are typically two different types of fade haircuts that men get from their barbershop. The brush fade and the bald fade (sometimes known as a Skin Fade).

A brush fade is when your barber trims the hair down but doesn't shave it, and fades up the sides.

A bald or skin fade is where your barber will completely shave the bottom of the sides of your hair, and then fade up from that.

The bald fade has become increasingly popular over the past year or two, and will continue to be the go-to hair cut of 2022. Pairing it with a beard is the icing on the cake for this look!

bald fade - HAIR STYLES

Buzz Cut

The Buzz Cut used to be what your parents would ask for when they took you to the barbershop once a month, but it's making a comeback as a very trendy look!

This one is also the perfect cut to use Strand Builder with, as it's very easy to hide your thinning hair with a buzz cut alongside hair building fibers.

Try it today, and if you don't like it, it always grows back!

Bonus tip: try your buzz cut with a bald or brush fade to add some texture!

buzz cut - HAIR STYLES


Since Elvis Presley popularized the pompadour, it's taken on a transformation from "large and in charge" to refined modern.

This hair cut is perfect to pair with a fade as well that accentuates the pompadour on top.

This is a hair style you can wear any day at the office, as well as on a date or out with your friends. If you don't have enough time in the morning to style it, you can also wear it messy and even pull it into a bun if it's long enough!

pompadour - HAIR STYLES

Low Fade w/ Twists

A modern look for all black men, young and old.

This fade that starts low and leads up to textured twists is refined and a cut that any barber would recommend if you're looking for a new style!

If you need to fill in some gaps, try Strand Builder to top off this cut.

low fade with twists - HAIR STYLES

Long Men's Hair Cuts

Man Bun

Ever-present, the man bun has been a favorite of many men for years, and it's not going away!

Most men will style this haircut with a fade of some kind, or short sides at the very least, but some men like to grow out their entire head of hair for a more natural look.

All of your hair can be pulled up into a bun or pony tail, or you can just use the top part and let the sides flow down. 

Another versatile cut that's a crowd pleaser!

man bun - HAIR STYLES

Wavy Curtain "Bangs"

This cut works mostly for men with wavy or loose curly hair and can be styled in multiple ways.

The most fashionable of them is the middle part with your bangs hanging on either side of your forehead, like curtains!

Given your hair will be pretty long if you're able to pull this one off, you can always pull it back into a pony/bun, or a pompadour like above.

This style requires little maintenance, apart from your regularly scheduled cut, but using your regular anti-frizz product (if this applies to you) and a good shampoo and conditioner will keep this one looking fresh and fantastic all the time.

curtain bangs - HAIR STYLES

All of these hair styles can be enhanced with Hair Building Fibers if your hair is thinning in certain areas.

The fibers will attach themselves to the existing hair on your hear to create a fuller, thicker look, meaning you'll be able to rock any one of these looks whenever you feel like it!

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