Strand Builder Hairline Optimizer


Strand Builder's Hairline Optimizer helps to guide fiber spray applicator for a natural-looking hairline.

Use this hairline optimizer with Hair Building Fibers and the Spray Applicator.

Strand Builder rebuilds your hair with natural Keratin Fibers that are designed to statically cling to existing hair, building each strand for thicker-looking hair.

Just sprinkle on and watch as your receding hairline, thinning areas or balding patches disappear, leaving you with thicker-looking natural hair.

Strand Builder is specifically designed to be undetectable and stay in place until you wash them out.


Stays In
Until you shower
100% Organic
Keratin Fibers
Appearing Hair


4 Simple Steps

  • Step 1: Dry - Dry your hair and style as desired
  • Step 2: Spray/Shake - Spray Fiber Hold Spray onto your hair to prep for the fibers. Shake fibers onto areas of thinning hair. Use the Hairline Optimizer to create a natural look at the hairline. 
  • Step 3: Style Your Hair - Gently pat the fibers to evenly distribute
  • Step 4: Lock With Spray - Spray fibers with Fiber Hold Spray to have a longer lasting hold

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