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Maxxam® Chrome (3 oz.)
Gladys Adjei-Poku (Albuquerque, US)
Hair product

My stylist, her manager and myself have been disappointed with the plastic-like hair that have been sold to me the last three months or so. The hair is plastic and cannot even become soft with washing with water. When I went back to the salon on my visit my stylist was surprised to see dreadlocks on my head. It did not feel like a product I should get on my head for about $5000 a year worth! Thank you.

EXT Acceler8 Booster 4 oz
Wanda Santos (Chicago, US)

I see more volume in my hair more soft love it Thanks hair club

EXT® Hair Revitalizing Complex (8 oz.)
Irina Mochalova (Westlake, US)
Irina Mochalova

Service is excellent!

Good tape that serves the purpose of a day or two of adhesion. I have a very oily scalp so it won't last much longer than that. I've used this product for decades and know exactly what it will do consistently.

Maxxam® Chrome (3 oz.)
David Scott (Fort Worth, US)
It works

My hair was severely damaged, a mild relaxer had dried my hair so badly, and no matter what I used, I couldn't keep moisture in my hair, to keep the breakage from getting worse, but when I try this product, it keeps moisture in my hair, no more breakage, and it also adds a Sheen giving my hair life.

EXT Acceler8 Booster 4 oz
karla suady (Oklahoma City, US)

I am still looking and waiting to see resulta

Love Maxxam products!

I have Androgenetic Alopecia and have tried many "hair growth stimulation" products. The Maxxam line of hair care products have worked wonders for me. I highly recommend Maxxam products for anyone suffering from thinning hair.

EXT Hair Regrowth Laser Cap by HairClub
Dean Erdal (Defiance, US)
Product Defect

The product only worked twice so I asked to return and wanted to replace it. I returned and had to pay the shipping myself of about $20. After returning I was informed I received a refund for $60 less than what I paid. If I want it again I have to pay the full price. It cost me $80 for a defective product I was able to use twice before it quit working and got nothing out of it. Outside looking on seems like a scam.

Floppy Brush
Javier Davila (Danville, US)

Floppy Brush

Fast and reliable

I ordered maxx tite with adhesive,and received the package in just few days, I strongly recommend hair club buying online for all your hair products.Thanks to all hairclub staff.

Strand Builder Fiber Hold Spray
Burl Levins (Columbus, US)

Strand Builder Fiber Hold Spray

EXT Spa Scalp Massager
james ash (Conroe, US)

Works as intended. No issues

CapillusPlus (202 Diode) Hair Regrowth Laser Cap
Christopher Jessop (Cranston, US)

My wife loves it!

Maxxam® Moisturizing Shampoo (10 oz.)
Thomas McConnell (Fenton, US)
Maxxam Moisturizing Shampoo

I'm only using it because it was designed to work with synthetic hair systems and not breakdown the medical adhesive. The best shampoo brand for real growing hair, scalp, and follicle health is Nioxin brand. I used this for the 20 years preceding my decision to employ a Strands + system, to maximize my 2 hair transplants.

Caveat Emptor/buyer beware

Don't know what the results will be as only used it for 2 weeks, no visible results yet. Can say the batteries do need recharged much more frequently than advertised, after every second use and not after 4-5 uses as stated

Strand Builder Fiber Hold Spray
Mary Corwin (Boston, US)
Hair Fibers

Easy to use and Covers the thinning area

EXT Density 3 Piece bundle
Bill Long (Statesville, US)

EXT Density 3 Piece bundle

CapillusUltra (82 Diode) Hair Regrowth Laser Cap
MaryAnne Cifaretto (Lavallette, US)

Nothing yet Do not feel anything happening when hat is on my head

HairMax Ultima 9 Laser Comb
Anthony Battiato (New York, US)
It does work!

I used this comb in the past. I was pleased and did stop. You must continue to use it faithfully. For me it was the only thing that did work. The Lazertechnology does work!. I'm definitely going back to use it. Check out the Lazer cap too. I want my hair. Good luck.

Strand Builder Natural Keratin Hair Building Fibers

Maxxam® Alive (10 oz.)
Linda Wheeler (Cincinnati, US)

I like this product very much for my scalp.

EXT Hair Regrowth Laser Cap by HairClub
Kim Unidad (Roseville, US)
Defective product

Bought it brand new, after just 2 uses it stopped charging/working. Now they want me to pay the cost of shipping for its return. Now tell me if thats a scam or not.

Maxx-Hold Hair System Adhesive
gary hayden (Crestwood, US)

hard to use when take out of bottle it wants to run down the brush,

Strand Builder Hair Building Fibers
Melvin Whitman (Elizabethtown, US)

Strand Builder Hair Building Fibers

Strand Builder Hair Building Fibers
Melvin Whitman (Campbellsville, US)

Strand Builder Hair Building Fibers